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Taking Off is a highly personalized service working with anyone who takes time before or during college or later in life.  Taking Off works closely with each person to develop a plan to insure that “stopping out” does not become “dropping out”. Taking Off helps clients explore and identify interests, evaluate priorities and secure experiences tailored to their specific needs.

  • Our process provides clients with the opportunity to take responsibility for their decisions and practice skills useful in planning time away at any point in your life.
  • Our counseling expertise guarantees that we know how to listen.
  • Our database reflects a commitment to options that offer safety, credibility and content.
  • Our reputation is one of providing outstanding customer service and follow through.

Taking Off has been unique in educating the public to the purpose and realities of a gap year. A gap year may not be for everyone but we believe that people need real information before they can make an informed decision. We talk with students and parents to help them explore whether time away from the traditional classroom is an option they should consider at some point during the nonstop nature of our educational system

Taking Off has a track record that dispels the myth that a gap year is a choice against college. All of our clients have continued their education. Over 3,000 colleges and universities suggest or support a gap year. They know that students enter school more mature, more motivated and use their time more productively. One student told us that her gap year was the year she learned the most – about herself, the world and what she wanted out of life.

Taking Off is not just about where you go and what you do. Along with the product there is also a process where most of the learning takes place. We limit the number of students we work with so that students have unlimited access to our services to help them think about how they want to spend their time and why. We are not a cookie cutter organization. We take the time to get to know each student.  Over the past 18 years we have never had two students come up with the exact same plan.

Taking Off has witnessed the recent explosion of so called ‘gap year experiences’. While it is not necessary to work with a consultant, it is critical that families find options that hold safety and content paramount. Students need to research different opportunities to be able to choose those situations that are a good fit with who they are and what they hope to do.

Taking Off

A service for individuals considering a gap year or any length of time away from your current situation.

A process that helps to clarify interests, define goals, identify options and implement a safe, meaningful and well thought out plan.