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Why Taking Off

We are experienced

Gail Reardon, Founder and Director of Taking Off, has over 40 years of experience working with students and families. Working in both the private and non profit sectors, Reardon was responsible for the design, development and implementation of various educational programs. She has worked as a Licensed Independent Social Worker (LICSW) at home and abroad. Throughout her career, the common link in all of Reardon’s pursuits is her dedication to help people of all ages take responsibility for their lives. Taking Off has been a logical extension of this lifelong commitment.

Maureen Lavin-Arcand, a partner in Taking Off, has combined her love of travel, background in education and her organizational skills to help clients find their own path through the maze of opportunities that are available.  Having received her M.Ed. and worked as a Speech Pathologist in schools and medical settings, she moved into the administrative arena.  Maureen has always continued travelling, most recently returning from South Africa.

We understand the issues

Taking Off was founded by a counseling professional with broad experience in the field of alternative learning. We understand the issues of students, parents and adults who choose the option of ‘taking off’. We work with families and individuals to develop a plan that takes everyone’s concerns into account. Taking Off is committed to finding affordable options that are appropriate to individual budgets and has put together information on fundraising to help finance time away.

We limit the number of clients we accept

Over the last 18 years, our reputation is one of providing outstanding customer service and follow through. Taking Off is more than an information and referral service. We don’t just send you information. We limit the number of clients to ensure that we have the time and you have the access as we work together to help you develop and implement a plan that paves the way toward a more rewarding future.