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Who Takes Off?

Our client base is diverse and global.  It includes:

  • High School Students
    • Choosing an alternative option or an ‘off campus semester’ that provides credit
  • Gap Year Students
    • Requesting to defer college or accepted for second semester admission
    • Graduating without a definite plan
  • College Students
    • Choosing to take a leave of absence
    • Asked to take a leave of absence
    • Considering transfer to another college
    • Looking for international experience to add to a resume
  • Adults
    • Looking to take a break
    • Changing Careers

Taking time away helps individuals to

  • Gain independence as they take responsibility for their choices
  • Mature and develop while engaged in experiences that help to shape future goals
  • Build competence, confidence and self-esteem in a different setting to discover talents, take risks and chart new directions
  • Recover from academic burnout and return to education re-energized by time away
  • Experience situations that clarify the value and purpose of further education and future directions