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Sample Opportunities

Central/South America

  • Work for social justice involving men, women, street children, workers rights, prisoners
  • Learn Spanish and work on your surfing abilities at the same time
  • Live on a woman’s coop that grows and sells medicinal plants and herbs
  • Learn Portuguese in Rio while working with children from all walks of life to prepare for Carnival
  • Ride with the gauchos on a sports ranch

North America

  • Train to be a wilderness guide
  • Volunteer at a yoga retreat
  • Intern with a theatrical troupe using your performing skills while helping with maintenance and cooking
  • Learn to explore your artistic abilities while creating your own short films
  • Work at a zoo helping with dolphins
  • Intern with a newspaper, government agency, restaurant, health care setting, dance studio


  • Experience a film making course and produce real wildlife footage as you develop your career as a wildlife filmmaker.
  • Work with sharks, penguins, big game, lion cubs and dolphins
  • Volunteer, observe and assist resident doctors and nurses in HIV Clinics, urban and rural areas
  • Help at a safari game lodge
  • Learn by exercising, schooling and involving yourself in the rehabilitation of abused horses
  • Choose from projects involved with poverty, grassroots development and micro-financing


  • Take courses in wilderness medicine, back country skiing and avalanche recovery
  • Get involved with community and social issues with Native Americans, refugees, indigenous people, women and street children
  • Teach kids, coach sports, learn to dance, set up a health clinic or work on local environmental projects
  • Crew on a tall ship where some of the crew are physically challenged
  • Take part in a project that combines architecture with ecology


  • Apprentice with a sitar player
  • Study Eastern medicine on the border of Tibet
  • Live with Buddhists, Hindi and Sikhs while you learn about their religions, traditions and take part in community service
  • Trek the Himalayas
  • Work with local NGO’s providing irrigation, health care, agriculture training, micro-credit and small business generation.


  • Restore medieval hamlets and castles
  • Help one of the oldest ethnic groups in Europe care for rare species of horses, sheep, goats and dogs
  • to keep them from going extinct
  • Work in an orphanage in Eastern Europe
  • Learn to become a ski instructor in the Alps
  • Research ways to reclaim arid soil to alleviate poverty and hunger of desert communities
  • Become a shepherd and beekeeper
  • Study fashion, cooking, photography, art history, ceramics,
  • Intern in the arts, politics, media, marketing or finance


  • Join a research team as you explore the coastal waterways of the Indo-Pacific that support the highest diversity of tropical marine life found anywhere on Earth
  • Experience how the Balinese live and how family life and religious customs are woven into the creation of art as you learn mask carving, Balinese dance and shadow puppetry
  • Take part in a unique and comprehensive examination of island ecosystems, their diverse island cultures and the challenges they face today
  • Learn to scuba and work with a team of coral reef researchers
  • Gather valuable certifications necessary to teach sailing or to find a job in the industry
  • Work in a film production studio