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How We Work

Taking Off works with you to clarify, define and prioritize the parameters that will come to shape your individual experience.  Using our database of global opportunities, we work with you to select options that will allow you to develop a concrete sense of the possibilities.

In certain situations, Taking Off may need to go beyond the database to secure a match. We have the resources, enjoy the challenge and use our global network to find or create situations based on individual requests. We are always searching for selections that help keep costs to a minimum without sacrificing the quality, safety and credibility of your experience.

Taking Off provides extensive guidance and support as you make your choices. We help you create a plan that makes sense in terms of the best combination and sequence of experiences.  Growth and perspective are part of the process.  We are involved throughout your journey and available at any time.

To learn more about Taking Off and how it relates to your specific situation, please fill out the questionnaire and fax or send it to us. The questionnaire is designed to help you focus on different parameters and give us a clearer understanding or your specific interests and expectations at this point in time. This information is used as a springboard to future conversations.

Taking Off does not believe that taking time away is for everyone but we do believe that everyone should know what a gap year is all about. When you understand the options, you make a more informed decision as to your next best step.