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Getting Started
After we receive your questionnaire, we will be in touch. The questionnaire must include an amount or range for what you have budgeted for your time away. We ask so we can provide you with realistic feedback on whether we think your budget will cover costs incurred. If we feel we can be helpful, we will schedule an exploratory conversation face to face or over the phone to include you and depending on your age, a parent. There is a charge of $50. for the exploratory conversation.  This is for the conversation only and there is no commitment to use our services once we have spoken.  If you choose to work with us, the fee of course will be applied to the full service option.

Fee For Service $2250.00
Our fee is a full service option that includes unlimited consultation in order to clarify, identify, craft and implement a well thought out plan whatever the length of your time away. Taking Off provides the necessary information, follow through, support, contact and restructuring as necessary. If you fill out and return our Experience Summary you can return to use our services at any time.

Refund Policy
When you decide to work with Taking Off, our fees must be paid in full before we start our work. There will be no refunds once we begin our search.

Costs Beyond Our Fee
Airfare, insurance (travel/health), out of pocket expenses, visas, shots and equipment if necessary, program cost (most include accommodations), food in some situations, etc.  As you are responsible for all of these, they should be factored into your budget.

Thank you for you interest in Taking Off.
Please contact us if you have further questions.